How do I hire Dickerman Design--what preparation is required?

How do I prepare for Step 1?

  1. Select your interior design package

  2. Schedule your Design Kick-Off Meeting on the online calendar

  3. Secure your appointment with an online deposit

  4. Gather your design thoughts, ideas, challenges, & three images to share during the Design Kick-Off Meeting.

What’s the payment plan?

After selecting the package and booking a Design Kick-Off Meeting, a $350 deposit is required to secure your appointment.  At the end of the Design Kick-Off Meeting, 50% of the package fee is required less the deposit. The remaining balance is due at the final meeting when the Design Map Booklet is presented. Our work together is complete at this point.

We understand that questions come up during implementation and we want you to know that we are here to support you. As a bonus, we offer the opportunity to consult with Donna Dickerman for additional 30 minutes via phone, text, or email for support.

Does Dickerman Design offer a trade discount?

Yes, depending on the store, we frequently do offer our trade discount. The trade discount in most cases offers you considerable savings -offsetting your investments in the design services cost.

What if I decide not to move forward with the package after the design discussion?

If you change your mind there’s no obligation to stick to the package, though the $350 deposit is nonrefundable.

What can I expect from the
3-Step Signature Service?

What to expect at Step 1:

During the Design Kick-Off Meeting, Donna Dickerman will guide the meeting utilizing a thorough questionnaire, gathering information to create your interior design vision, style, addressing spatial challenges, and developing a budget. Donna will also be measuring and photographing your space.

What to expect at Step 2?

Utilizing the questionnaire along with meeting notes and Donna’s 30 years of professional expertise, the creative process begins with the best-fit furniture layout, researching furniture sources as well as brainstorming how to create a style individually unique to you.

Diving deeper into the creative process requires some analysis of each piece of furniture, art, lighting, fixtures, rugs, etc.  This analysis is based upon the best-fit criteria which include manufacturer, style, dimensions, fabric quality, color, finish, price, and availability.

All this information is edited and revised until it meets our Dickerman Design discerning standards.

What to expect at Step 3?

During the final meeting, the Design Map Booklet will be presented along with your next action steps. Donna will explain each page of the Design Map Booklet and answer all your questions. If more clarity is required and or changes, Dickerman Design offers a bonus 30-minute follow-up. You will have the opportunity to consult with Donna via phone, text, or email.

How do design packages differ from renovation packages?

Renovation packages have interior architectural drawings for construction and some finishes and equipment are recommendations only, whereas design packages include recommendations for specific items to purchase. For a more comprehensive explanation, go here

What if I am unsure about implementing the design plan myself?

Dickerman Design will be curating, editing and organizing your complete interior Design Map Booklet to empower you! In addition, the 2 one-on-one meetings with Donna will be packed with tips, recommendations and next steps to make it easy for you to implement your interior design solution with confidence, ease, and peace of mind.

Is there additional interior design support available?

Additional interior design support is available for an additional fee and fees vary depending upon your requirements.

Will Donna travel anywhere in NYC and Santa Barbara?

Yes, Donna will travel to your home anywhere in New York City’s five boroughs as well as Santa Barbara County for your 1-hour Design Kick-Off Meeting. She shuttles between office locations every other month. She offers virtual Zoom meetings to help clients with immediate needs and ease of scheduling.

What if I’m not sure about what package(s) to start with?

We are happy to walk through this decision during a complimentary 10-minute Discovery Call. Please send us an email at or use our contact form to schedule your Discovery Call.

What is a Style Board?

A Style Board is an assembling of individual furnishing pictures for the space to be designed. Each furniture picture is as closely possible to the designer’s recommendation of color, finish, and details. The Style Board helps the client see how each individual piece looks and how it looks with all the other curated furnishings.

How do I order the furnishings?

The Design Map includes a shopping list of easy ordering information sheets for each selected item in the interior design scheme. Everything that is on the Style Board will be available for online and/or telephone purchase, deliverable to anywhere in the US, and within the stated budget (excludes taxes, shipping and/or labor).

Are the furnishings selected from retail stores?

Yes, all items Dickerman Design selects are from retail stores large, medium as well as boutique. We will discuss this with you during our Design Kick-Off Meeting. Much of this depends upon your sense of style and whether or not you have buying preferences. We also like to share new and unique sources with you.

Do I receive multiple choices for the furnishings?

The design package service is a balance of creativity and practicality. We deliver a complete room design whereby each item has been selected for its function and aesthetic qualities and then paired and curated to create a harmonious whole room design.  As a result, changing one piece of furniture or finish usually requires the other choices to be reviewed and possibly re-selected causing a domino effect.  

Rest assured, Donna is a realist and is committed to your project succeeding. She will create options when her expertise recognizes the necessity.

What is a Renovation Package?

A renovation solution and how to achieve it.  The Design Map for renovation projects has all the necessary information to start a conversation with a contractor and to implement the design.

It includes:

  • A floor plan with construction dimensions

  • 2 Wall elevations with dimensions and materials noted

  • A style board including flooring, cabinetry style & finish, countertop, backsplash, tile, faucet, sink, lighting & paint colors

  • For the storefront, style boards include façade lighting, awning, signage, planters, entry door style and new façade materials

  •  All assembled in a digital & bound booklet for easy reference and mobility

This is a complete Design Map solution.  Simply order and give to the contractor to prevent time-consuming and costly miscommunication.